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Our Performance Marketing Consultants will use their expertise to assess the profitability of your advertising channels. Services are based on over ten years' worth of experience in auditing and managing professional teams for Paid Search, Social Media Marketing (Paid), Display Advertising campaigns, and Programmatic buying process - all this to improve ROI!


Marketing Performance is the core aspect of managing marketing effectiveness. Marketing performance consultancy consists of initial tactics strategic operations.

A business meeting

Marketing Performance Strategy

Development of the paid channels strategy based on business objectives, advertising budget, targeted ROAS.

Account Auditing

Run a comprehensive assessment of the account settings, campaigns structure, Ads performance

Optimization plan

Building an optimization plan which includes complete optimizations of the campaigns, bidding strategy, landing pages testing, creative and Ad copies.

Ad Tech Stack

Analysis of the Ad Tech Stack and paid channels to provide recommendations on the most effective channels

Marketing Performance Analytics

Setting up the performance reports and automated marketing dashboards to measure the performance metrics and KPIs.


A successful performance marketing strategy requires careful planning and execution. That's where a good marketing strategy consulting firm can help. A qualified marketing consultant will work with you to understand your business and your target audience, then develop a plan that uses the latest digital marketing techniques to reach them.

Performance marketing aims not just to get people to click on your ads; it's to generate leads and sales that result in a profitable return on investment (ROI). A good performance marketing consultant will use data-driven insights to optimize your campaigns, so you achieve the best possible results. 


In-depth analysis of the paid social performance

  • Quantitative analysis of the account performance, conversion analysis, competitors, community size, engagement, native channels, and paid channels

  • Qualitative analysis of brand communication, A/B testing, content, sharability, relevancy.



  • Analysis of the strategy, goals and budget

  • Performance analysis of the key metrics

  • Review of the account setup and configuration

  • Audit of the campaign structure and settings

  • Analysis of Ad copies, landing pages, extensions

  • Analysis of keywords, negative keywords, search queries

  • Optimization of the bidding strategy and programmatic


Our consultancy services as a marketing consultant enable CMOs and marketing performance departments to overlook their practices and strategy to enhance revenue and budget spending. The challenge with marketing performance is that it always requires ongoing enhancement in order to accurately measure the impact with customer acquisition costs, conversion rates, marketing-sourced revenue, and overall revenue performance.


MPM Strategy Services

  • Assessment of the marketing objectives and performance KPIs. 

  • Assessment of the channels and AdTech plan to identify the current performance capabilities and opportunities.

  • Analysis of the data system in terms of data capture, data accuracy, system integrations, and workflows

  • Detailed documentation including situation analysis, data model strategy, channels optimization plan, change management, and dashboard prototype. 


Marketing Performance Management is one of the top areas for marketing management. It is identified as the discipline that measures the contribution of marketing to overall sales revenues. Fundamentally, senior marketing managers establish a data analytics environment to enable ROI tracking across all marketing channels. Marketing Performance Management provides the critical insights to optimize the marketing spend and process.

  • Setting a marketing performance strategy

  • Configuration and implementation of the marketing performance strategy

  • Setting a marketing channel strategy and mapping

  • Integration of data resources (CRM, Web Analytics, Marketing Cloud, AdTech Platforms, Attribution)

  • Configuration and testing of tracking and UTM configuration across channels

  • Building marketing performance dashboards for real-time results and channel sources

  • Setting budget KPIs, metrics, ROI analysis, custom segmentation, automation flows

  • Monthly and quarterly analysis on past attribution performance and potential forecast


Marketing performance consultant as a role is a practice that became popular in the late 2010s. Due to the complexity of digital advertising channels and measuring the performance in a more strategic approach, the auditing of digital advertising is becoming a necessity. Performance marketing consulting is a practice that evolved from the marketing strategy discipline. The challenge of performance strategy is influenced by the evolving tech in Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, Programmatic and many other channels. While companies are challenged by technology and analytical capabilities, they face several issues of the in-house management of the performance team and digital agencies. Hiring a performance consultant can benefit the stakeholders by conducting a systems-thinking approach to resolving performance problems. Marketing performance consulting acknowledges that other tech and business factors affect one’s performance. While the marketing performance team helps build knowledge and skills, performance consulting takes a more strategic thinking approach to investigate and identify other gaps in the advertising funnel that may degrade one’s performance.

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